It Looks Like An Ordinary Piece Of Wood. But Trust Me, It’s Going To Blow Your Mind In A Minute.

The pictures below are all work of Canadian artist and sculpture Maskull Lasserrewho’s breathtaking sculptural work is all about extracting the most delicate anatomical forms of humans, animals and insects from common inanimate objects  such as pianos, doors, books or axes.

Check out some of his incredible work below, his eye for detail is absolutely amazing:

That might seem like a waste of a perfectly good piano or axe to some, but according to the artist his work is a demonstration of how once something ceases to be it becomes something else:

When the remnants of life are imposed on an object, and that’s true especially with the carving work that I do, it infers a past history or a previous life that had been lived, so again where people see my work as macabre, I often see it as hopeful, as the remnants of a life. Despite the fact that the life has ended, at least that life had a beginning and middle as well, so often by imparting these bodily elements to inanimate objects it reclaims or reanimates them in a virtual way.


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