These Unique Photos Are Absolutely Stunning. But They’re Definitely Not What You Think… Zoom Out.

There is natural beauty all around us in the world, countless wonders that we can take in.Linden Gledhill is a scientist that, in his spare time, acts as a photographer. With his knowledge and equipment, he is able to capture some of the most stunning photographs you’ll ever see.

His work is bright and brilliant, but you’d never be able to guess what his subjects are at first glance.

As a biochemist, Linden collected specimens of rare and beautiful butterflies from a company called Butterflies and Things. He then used a microscope and some high powered lights to create the visually stunning photographs you saw above. It’s hard to believe that the wings of a butterfly are so incredibly colorful and iridescent on a microscopic level.

Source: Flickr / Linden G via Business Insider

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