This Tiny Island In The Middle Of Nowhere Has 48 Residents. After Seeing This, I Want To Be #49.

Would you like to live on an island paradise? Do you like your privacy? If so, I found the island just for you.

In the middle of the South Pacific, there is a very tiny island that is a small British territory. What makes that island special that is today, only 48 people live on the it. Not only that, but they are all descendants of the British citizens that originally discovered the island. Their ancestors were sailors on the HMS Bounty that mutinied and settled on a nearby Tahiti and Pitcairn Island.

How cool is that?

This kind of life may not be for everyone, but if you feel like taking a shot at living in paradise check out Pitcairn Island. The trick to getting residency there is offering “skills which will be beneficial to the Pitcairn community,” according to their government website.

Source: Business Insider

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