You Would Think All These People Are Falling To Their Death… But WHAT? Wow.

Ahh! Someone catch that baby! Wait a second…

You might have to look at this picture for quite a while before you realize just what’s going on. These families aren’t jumping and swinging off of a building in London, it’s just a clever illusion by Leandro Erlich. He had me fooled.

This piece, titled The Dalston House, was erected in Hackney just off Dalston Junction in London. It’s located on a vacant lot that has been empty since it was bombed during the Second World War.

To see more of Leandro’s mind-bending work, visit his online portfolio here. This artist is a master of illusion. Even if you know what you’re seeing is a visual trick, you might just fall for it.

Source: Barbican

If you live in London, I think I know a good spot to take your 2014 Christmas card photo.

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